Poetry – Taxes

I was inspired to write this by the ‘revelation’ that Trump pays no taxes. It’s something we’ve always known. It is why he doesn’t release his tax returns. He’s a scammer, a fraud and a cheat.If billionaires like Trump get away with paying little the burden falls on everyone else. He can afford it; many can’t. Why should we all have to pay taxes while the rich use loopholes to avoid it?They are the same robber barons who stole the land and made themselves rich at our expense!Taxes They pay no taxes – so we pay moreBut they use our roadsThey drink the waterBreathe the air. They earn millions – but look for loopholes,Pay their accountants,Invest their loot.Is this fair? They pay no taxes on the money they earnFrom exploiting usWith inflated pricesEverywhere. They pay no taxes but we must pay.They squirrel it awayOverseasWithout a care. The same robber barons from long agoWho stole the land,Made us slavesAnd took our share. Opher – 28.9.2020

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