Poetry – making cash – turning the world into a theme park

Selling the world


Making Cash

I was watching the Night Manager – the John Le Carre story about the arms dealer. It was making me angry. There are a lot of people out there who would do anything for cash.

You can buy a hit-man, an elephant tusk, or a rhino horn from an unscrupulous thug. The torturers, despots and tyrants buy their tools and weapons from dealers. Britain is an arms-dealer. They are not all shady characters who hide in the background.

I have just returned from a voyage to South America. It brought home to me all over again the destruction of the environment, the massive slaughter of wild-life, the huge expanding numbers of people, the inequality and poverty and the wasteland we are making of the planet.

Nations plunder their resources. Jungles are chopped, strip mines gouged, seas polluted. Fish are scooped out of the sea using radar and huge trawls in industrial numbers. Nothing is sacred.

What once was plentiful is now scarce.

The whole world is being designed to be run as a tourist theme park.

The rich live in their four million dollar apartments and the poor scratch a living from the corrugated iron shacks along the river bank.

It could have been so different.

Who cares about a sloth? Who gives a monkeys?

Making Cash

There’s a man who makes a lot of cash

Selling the planet

For the midnight bash;

Supplying the bombs

To the men

Who don’t care,

To the ones

That the rest of us

Try to beware.

But all the cash

In the world

Won’t buy

A do-do.

They had it all

And they just let it go.

Opher 26th March 2016

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2 thoughts on “Poetry – making cash – turning the world into a theme park

  1. It’s great to see Tom Hiddleston is to star in another season based on John le Carré’s Night Manager. It’s also back in fashion in India but the reviews for that are mixed but that is a tad like the maestro himself. John le Carré’s novels are perfection yet in real life whilst David Cornwell was a great character and a brilliant writer, as a spy did he have more Achilles heels than toes? Did he really upset Field Marshall Montgomery’s cousin?

    Were Pemberton’s People in MI6 as depicted in The Burlington Files really friends or foes? Was he the perfect spy? What of his Dad’s links to the Krays? What were his links to Kim Philby? Did the SAS trust him? For more beguiling anecdotes best read a brief and intriguing News Article about Pemberton’s People in MI6 dated 31 October 2022 in TheBurlingtonFiles website and then read Beyond Enkription.

    See https://theburlingtonfiles.org/news_2022.10.31.php.

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