The Antitheist’s Bible – Now available in Kindle format.

A scurrilous attack on all organised religion.

Someone had to say it.

Warning: – This book could seriously affect your religious health!
For all those of a superstitious nature, I strongly advise the use of sedation before reading!
History is littered with the evil deeds of the powerful and religion has usually been the power behind the throne.
A controversial novel, sacrilegious and irreverent, full of pathos and humour, about finding purpose in life, retirement, death, power and wealth.
One man struggles with the death of his mother, retirement from a career he loves and a desire to do something with the remainder of his life.
He wants to write, to travel and read; to live.
He has the idea that the first book he will write will be an expose of the power struggle, brainwashing and greed that is organised religion. It will be called The Antitheist’s Bible.

I have rewritten this early book of mine. It is once again available.

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