Excerpt from ‘The Antitheist’s Bible’.

‘We live on,’ Rich asserted.

I looked across at him quizzically.

‘Not spiritually,’ Rich said, chuckling at the startled expression that had come over my face. ‘We live on in the people that knew us, our family and friends. We live on it their memories and the effect we have had on them. Like the ripples in a pond. Our thoughts, ideas and attitudes go on to affect people down the generations. We are altering the future. We live on. Our words and deeds will live after us. Our personalities will affect all the people around us. We change them and the things they do. We change the future.’

‘I really like the idea of that,’ I said enthusiastically.

I’m rewriting this early novel of mine. Shortly I will be republishing it! Hold on a little while longer. I know you all want to buy it now. But wait!

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