How Do We Know It’s Not Us?

How Do We Know It’s Not Us?

They tell us Putin’s lying,

Has his people in a trance.

Telling them a story,

That they didn’t have a chance.

That the war is existential

From a massive NATO threat

Trying to obliterate

The entire soviet.

We say he’s lying and throwing his people under a bus

But how do we know it’s not us?

He says the Ukrainians

Are a bunch of fascist thugs

As bad a Hitler’s Nazis

And we’re a bunch of mugs.

They are bullying the Russians

An evil bunch of racists

Carrying out their evil deeds

While donning angel’s faces

He wanted to overthrow them with the minimum of fuss

But how do we know it’s not us?

He’s speaking propaganda.

Putting out fake news.

Controlling the population.

Manipulating views.

We think they’re a bunch of sheep

Fooled by his lies.

We wouldn’t get taken

We are much too wise.

We are told to believe that it’s all a heap of pus

But how do we know it’s not us?

How do we know it’s not us?

Opher – 11.3.2023

What to believe? What not to believe. Fed a news-thread full of spin and lies. How can we tell the truth from the lies?

Putin is really ill, dying, riddled with cancer, shaking with Parkinson’s; on drugs, doctors on hand.

The Soviet Union is collapsing he will soon be deposed.

The Soviet economy is in a disastrous dive.

Russia is losing five men for every Ukrainian soldier.

NATO has no intention of threatening Russia.

The poor Ukrainians are blameless.

The nuclear threat is just a bluff.

Putin was threatening to invade Japan.

The other Baltic States would all have been next.

Meanwhile, the war drags on and Russia is bled to death.

The Russian people are being conned and lied to.

2 thoughts on “How Do We Know It’s Not Us?

  1. U.S. War Machine
    ©DMS 2023

    If you are looking for the bogeyman
    That runs amuck at killing

    The country that will kill your children
    In the coat of allies of the willing

    You need to look no further than
    The blood that runs a fueling

    The economic devastation
    And it’s you that gets the billing.

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