Poetry – Infinity 337 – The final end



From the endless sea in which all things swim, from the teeming waters of energy, from the edge of the even horizon that creates the holograms that are us – I bring you the final document of forever – Infinity337 – The Final End.

It seems appropriate. Who can capture infinity in words? Who can encapsulate all of the metaphysical universe, the mystical experience of mankind and trap it in a poem. Well my twenty year old self thought he’d have a go. He was inspired, fearless, naive and daft.

Infinity 337 – The Final End

To me man is ice in my sun

I am the seers ivy

I am the priestess’s laurel

I am the lame King’s friend

I am the reason for the mistletoe’s castration

Confusion is your depth of thought

I am the wonder of the world

I am all that is awake

I am of no age

I am created of nothing

Mine is everlasting

Opher 1973

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