Today’s Music to keep me IIiNNNnSSSAAaanNNnEE – Bukka White

I was only thinking this morning that I tend to think of all these blues guys as old men. Of course, they weren’t when they started out. They were young and dynamic, clever and innovative. By the time I got to see them in the late sixties and seventies they were old men – but still dynamic.

I saw Bukka White perform in 1969 as part of the Mississippi Delta Blues package. A fabulous tour. It had Son House, Skip James, Muddy Waters, Big Joe Williams and Hounddog Taylor.

I was greatly impressed with Bukka. His playing was so aggressive. Shake ‘Em On Down was a great favourite.

The Blues is where it all came from. I was fortunate to see a whole bunch of these guys. They’ve all gone now. All we have are these great recordings and fading memories.

Thanks Dick Brunning!!

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