Featured Book – The Antitheist’s Dictionary Pt. 2


Fortunately, I am extremely open-minded and tolerant as you will see. This book would be terrible if I was the least bit opinionated (he says with irony).

I wanted this book to be fun but pointed. You don’t have to try hard. When it comes to it religious belief is farcical!

Having said that I have no wish to create hatred or cause upset to the deeply religious. They are entitled to their views no matter how absurd I might find them – as long as they are tolerant of others and don’t force their views on anyone (least of all children!).

I want to build a better world, in balance with nature, with equality, peace and freedom. I want a population under control and room for nature. I want purpose, challenges and fulfilment. That seems reasonable to me. We have the intelligence to create a fair world free of racism, sexism and injustice. It’s not beyond our wit.

It seems to me that the first stage is to jettison the superstitious, religious nonsense that has stultified progress for millennia. We are grown up now. We should leave the fairy tales back in the nursery. They have messed up our psyche long enough.

Furthermore, I am tired of being restricted, threatened and dictated to by religious nutcases peddling mediaeval garbage. I consider that what they trade in is dangerous, harmful and evil.

I believe that over the course of history, religion has preyed on people’s gullibility and vulnerability to set up tyrannical dictatorships where those in charge are elevated in status, wealth and power.

I did not write this book out of viciousness, merely out of anger and despair. I do not wish harm on anyone. I did not write this to create disharmony but rather to shed light on the darkness of religious belief so that we may see it for what it is.

I would like to see religion replaced with individual freedom and a celebration of both our life and this wondrous universe we so briefly inhabit. I salute a future based on science, logic and liberty.

When we’ve got rid of all that religion represents we can turn our attention to sorting out some political situations that will solve the world’s problems.

I want to see a world free of poverty, war, hatred, inequality, racism, sexism and disease. I want a planet where nature can also flourish.

I believe we have the power to achieve that if we put our mind to it. I’m a helpless optimist.

May we all shine and be honoured.


PS – What I have written is the truth as I see it. I did not set out to offend or show disrespect but inevitably I have.

I am constantly offended by religious people, their thoughts, the social restrictions they impose on us all and their vicious intolerance. They infuriate me.

If I have inadvertently missed out any religious group or practice or given too much attention to a particular cult then please let me know. I will do my best to address the omission or emphasis.

PPS – I cannot be accused of blasphemy! That is not possible!


I have written this for antitheists and atheists to have a laugh at the absurdity of religion.

This is a Dictionary of Religious words explained by an antitheist. If you are easily offended by someone calling your deeply held convictions rubbish or have no sense of humour then I would urge you to read no further!

I believe all religions are not only misguided but extremely dangerous.

If you are religious then I sympathise but can assure you that I will attempt to tell you in no uncertain terms why you are wrong and how absurd and vicious your religion is.

If you are open-minded and tolerant enough, or are an atheist or antitheist like myself, then have fun with me baiting the phoniness of religion.

This is the practice of free speech in a free civilised country. I have the right as a free man to say what I like about your religion. That right has been fought for and paid for in blood.

I am not trying to stir up hatred or promote conflict.

May love and peace be with you all always!

Opher 6.8.2014


An abbot is a father who isn’t a father. He’s the head of a monastery in charge of a bunch of celibate monks. So there’s little chance of him being a father at all.

They spend their days organising silences, talking with fictitious supernatural beings, sitting around and getting into bad habits.

Despite tales of debauchery with nuns they are not supposed to think about their todgers at all let alone touch them. They have to go to bed wearing boxing gloves.

The Abbot may also organise the brewing of lethal beers and wines. These are in no way to be used for pleasure or intoxication. I’m not really quite sure why they brew the stuff if they are not allowed to enjoy it.

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