Charlie Patton and Aisey Payton – Blues Giants in a field.

The Blues

The giants of yesteryear.

I only knew Charlie Patton from a few scratchy tracks recorded well back in the 1930s. Alongside people like Blind Lemon Jefferson he was one of the founding fathers of the Blues. It was only later, when CDs came out, that I got to hear some more.

Charlie Patton was part Native American and reputed was quite a showman. He’d play that acoustic guitar between his legs and behind his head – the sort of skills required to entertain while busking on street corners.

We finally tracked his grave down in an old neglected graveyard in the middle of nowhere.

After a big search we eventually tracked down his grave.

A little further away was the grave of Aisie Payton.

Aisie was one of the great Hill Country Bluesmen who recorded for Fat Possum.

Alongside Aisley was Little Willie Foster the Chicago Harp Player.

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