How can we distract you from our real agenda?

We want to make ourselves and our friends very rich at your expense!

We can ramp up fear of immigrants and getting tough on laughing gas!! You’ll fall for that, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “How can we distract you from our real agenda?

  1. They have jumped every shark in the Universe here! You and I have talked about N2O (as an anaesthetic for dental treatment) before. You hated it. I had the opposite reaction. Going under was a strange feeling, but really comfortable. I had a good dream. And despite a bit of nausea on the way back up, it was the least bad experience I ever had at the dentist.

    They seem to have fixed on N2O, which is both a greenhouse gas and a nitrogen oxide, as the next incarnation of the devil. Oh, and some people take it for pleasure. They hate pleasure of any kind – except the pleasure they get from hurting people.

    1. The world is certainly run by puritans Neil. Pleasure is a sin. I’m not sure Nitrous oxide would be my drug of choice though. Not after my dental experience. Buit I can’t imagine it is really that harmful a drug. But then how harmful something is doesn’t come into the equation does it, Neil? I think you hit the nail on the bounce!

  2. “How harmful something is doesn’t come into the equation.”

    What with me hitting it in the ass and you hitting it on the head, the nail isn’t feeling very comfortable right now. 🙂

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