Bruce Barthol’s Words and Stance!

Bruce’s words deserve to be read:

Just when I thought these revolutionary truths and hijinks couldn’t get any better, a new character entered the stage: the two-headed villain behind every throne and presidential handshake, the creature behind every curtain. Armageddonman strode onto stage with vicious glee and outrageous enjoyment, and then sang!

Can you guess just who we are?
One part business, one part war.
We own the weapons, banks and land
Call us Armageddonman!

There is less, but we want more
So we take it from the poor
You can’t stop us, no one can
Because we’re Armageddonman!

Karl Marx predicted our demise,
But it’s on crisis that we thrive.
Find a new market, or a war will  do
And we’ll see our historic mission through!

Even though our race is almost run
When we are through you’ll all be done
And what we don’t use up we’ll blow away
On that Armageddon day!

Actually, Armageddonman was two guys in a single costume—two artists dedicated to overthrowing the military-industrial complex by any means necessary, including farcically embodying it in a dual supervillain suit. Individually they were Dan Chumley and the composer/lyricist of the Mime Troupe, Bruce Barthol

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