Partial To Bias

Partial To Bias

I’m partial to bias,

                Openly stated,

                                Not hidden;

No spin; no lies.

I’m partial to a stated case,

                In the open,

                                Well spoken,

Clear; well argued.

I believe

                A person should be free

To speak

                Their mind

Without restrictions,


                                They advocate




Or war.

                I’m against hate,


Opher 16.3.2023

I don’t mind offense. I don’t even mind abuse.

But I do like reasoned argument with intelligence.

As long as there is no propaganda, spin or disguised brainwashing. I want to know what the bias is and who is saying it, what their intent is.

I don’t like lies.

That’s why I’d never buy the Sun, Express or Mail – Tory owned vessels of brainwashing, lies and propaganda.

2 thoughts on “Partial To Bias

  1. I feel that way too, I don’t mind people having a different opinion than me but if it’s just hate and lies I’m not going to listen.

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