Radio Humberside – Post 16 Education in the UK

This is what I had to say twelve years ago. Sadly it is every bit as valid now! Broken Britain! Broken Education! Broken NHS! Broken public services! They’ve been robbing us for twelve years now and giving it to the top 1%.

Opher's World

Well I did get to speak for a short while. I had so much to say and so little time. Here’s the gist of what I would have said if I had had longer:

  • Politicians have repeatedly interfered with education – introducing change and dogma but with little understanding. They should leave it to the professionals. What we have is a mess.
  • Post 16 education does not marry with Pre 16 education.
  • The curriculum is too knowledge-based and narrow.
  • The English Baccalaureate was a terrible move it has narrowed the curriculum too much and downgraded the Arts and Humanities. Music and Art are disappearing and even Geography and History are squeezed. This is not a balanced curriculum that will produce well-adjusted students.
  • The emphasis on knowledge has created a cram course. Students are being fed facts for exams. That is not education. It is too stressful and not what we…

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