MOTD and Free Speech/Tory PR stunt to waste £500,000 to boost Sunak’s faltering election chances.

This is a simple question: should a sports commentator be entitled to express his/her views on politics on his/her own social media?

Is the BBC run by Tories who are trying to muzzle any antigovernment views?

Have we free speech or not?

They’ve already driven Emily Maitlass out for expressing views on the exploits of the deviously lying Dominic Cummings testing his eyesight.

They’ve dropped David Attenborough’s programme on wildlife in Britain because it might offend Tories.

They’ve dropped Nish Kumar completely because his political satire could offend.

Yet Fiona Bruce is completely free to spout her proTory garbage on a political programme (not even in her own social media) and Alan Sugar is not censured for extreme views against the previous Labour leader.

The Director General of the BBC Tim Davie was appointed by the Tories and was instrumental in setting up a £800,000 loan for Boris Johnson.

Despite all the inane Tory spouting about the lefty bias of the BBC it has always been proTory. One only has to look at the way it attacked Corbyn so viciously and misrepresented the Miner’s Strike. The BBC is pro-establishment and always has been – and the Tories are the establishment’s rottweiler.

As Rishi Sunak spends half a billion pounds to prop up his election chances (funny that – there’s no money for nurses or teachers but plenty for Tory election bolstering!) in a blatant PR stunt.

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