Goose, Gander and Proper Gander! Lineker and Bruce and a BBC filled to the gills with Tory implants!

So, Gary Lineker is a freelancer for the BBC. He is paid to represent sport on the BBC. He does not put forward any political view while presenting sport. He does occasionally put forward a political view on his own personal social media.

Fiona Bruce is employed by the BBC to run a political programme (Question Time) in which she regularly displays such a pro-Tory bias that many people have stopped watching.

The Chairman of the BBC, Richard Sharp, is a staunch Tory, appointed by the Tory Government – a man who facilitated a £800,000 loan to Boris Johnson.

The BBC is constantly challenged by the ERG Tories who claim it has had a left-leaning bias.

The reality is that the BBC has always had a right-leaning establishment bias. That was evident from the time of Thatcher and the Miner’s Strike when they politically doctored the news.

The Tories use the BBC as a propaganda machine. They want to control the entire media.

This leaves me with a number of questions:

Can or should the BBC muzzle freelance employees so that they are not allowed to express any political views on their own social media?

Should the BBC not insist on impartiality from staff who are running political shows?

Should Fiona Bruce be made to keep her political views to herself while hosting a political programme?

Should Fiona Bruce be sacked for overtly showing bias?

Is it alright for BBC staff to display pro-Tory views on air in political programmes?

Is it not right for BBC freelance staff to express left-leaning views on their own social media?

Should the BBC be run by the government?

Should major appointments be politically made?

Should an overt Tory, with staunch views, a public Tory profile, be put in place?

Is this a move by the Tory government to create a more right-leaning BBC that puts out propaganda for the Tory Party?

It seems to me that the message is that Pro-Government views are fine; Anti-Government views are sacking offences!


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