On A Planet of Dreams

On A Planet of Dreams

On a planet of dreams

                Anything is possible

                                But nothing is as it seems.

There’s a battle for breath

                A constant reminder

                                We’re surrounded with death.

We psychotic apes

                Could make it great

                                But a dark chasm gapes.

Surrounded by beauty and wonder

                We mad chimps conspire

                                To tear it asunder.

Adrift on a green jewel,

                A perfect paradise,

                                Our personalities split into dual.

Capable of love and creativity

                Yet prone to descend

                                Into violence and depravity.

On this planet of dreams

                Where nothing is as it seems

                                The future rarely gleams.

Opher – 6.3.2023

I find it so utterly depressing that we humans are such a complete fuck-up. We are so creative, so inventive, yet we always seem to use that for evil. The planet is a mess of violent, corruption, destruction and poverty.


Our lives are made miserable by the actions of a minority. We have to use multiple passwords, queue for baggage checks, suffer surveillance and scrutiny, all because some people want to con us.

We have wars, murders, rapes, gross poverty, massive pollution and lying politicians.

The world’s a mess.

Yet we can summon wonders out of dreams. We can invent solutions out of thin air. We can create the most incredible technology. We are capable of plucking music out of our minds, or imagining great art, fine dance, incredible literature.

We live on a planet of dreams. We are marvellous. Yet we use this great facility to create weapons, division, hate and religion. We create a world of misery.

Can we not dream of a better way?

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