There’s a War

There’s a War

There’s a war.

                Every time you turn on the set

Read your paper

                Or listen to the radio.

There’s a war

                As those in power seek

To fool us

                Telling us black is white – hi-de-ho.

There’s a war.

                For the substance of our minds

For the way we think

                For the way we feel.

There’s a war.

                To brainwash the masses,

Turn them against themselves

                To make our nightmares real.

There is a war.

                And we lose it every day.

Opher 1.3.2023

The battle of the airwaves, of the newsprint, of the environment we swim in, is a war of words, of attitudes and innuendo – a war to control our minds.

The advertising is bad enough – telling us what to buy and how to live – but the political control is worse. It’s a torrent of lies and spin from those with vested interests. It swamps our senses.

The Tories opposed one man one vote (and then voting for women) because they believed that if the plebs had a vote the Tories would never, ever, get elected again. They represented the top five percent. They knew that the ninety five percent that they had exploited would vote them out.

They developed a strategy to ensure they had a chance – they spun themselves as the face of capable, one-nation, government and bought up the media. They presented us with our daily bite, reinforcing the message that only they were competent, spreading fear, working on the lack of self-confidence of workers who felt themselves inferior, on aspirations of the lowly who wanted to be rich and saw the rich Tories as role models. They spun the truth. The presented themselves as the party that would create wealth and make the country strong. They omitted to tell us where that wealth would all go.

It worked. Over the course of the decades they have been forced to make minimal concessions; to give working people a minimum standard of living, to care for the basic needs of the needy – just enough to keep them quiet.

When the opposition got in they used their financial power to undermine them so that their policies of equality and fairness floundered.

They prospered against all logic, against the odds. The wealthy rule us.

Every day there is a war – a war for our minds – a war of spin and lies – a war to control us.

Most, do not even know it’s going on.


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