A Flaw in the DNA

A Flaw in the DNA

There’s a code

                For violence and hate

                                Spelt out in bases

Preventing us

                From being really great

                                Tainting our traces.

Everything we do

                Stained by poisons we create

                                Written on our faces.

An intrinsic evil

                In our twisted fate

                                In all our airs and graces.

Greed and lust for power

                Are the template

                                On which we tie our laces.

Always directing us

                Through a genetic template

                                Through a million unsolved cases.

It’s a behaviour

                That will never abate

                                A history of endless disgraces.

Locked in cruelty

                In a domineering state

                                And war in full spate.

There’s a code

                For violence and hate

                                Spelt out in bases

Opher 21.2.2023

It always feels to me as if there is something very wrong with human beings. It lies deep within our genes. There is a love for inflicting pain and death that seems embedded in our nature.

It’s obscene.

War, torture, hunting, baiting and hurting animals, threatening, fighting, greed and lust for power. It dominates our world.

Just imagine how good the world could be if we didn’t have this constant minority causing trouble. No need for a police force or army. No security checks at airports. No locks on doors. No fear walking down the street. No fights. No muggings. No wars.

Instead, love, fellowship, a helping hand, security and a planet that was properly looked after.

How different.

And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

But we have the nasty genes. How do we deal with them?

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