Ukraine – the Possibilities

Where are we heading?

I think that Putin really thought he could wade into Ukraine, most would welcome him with open arms and it would all be over in a few days – just like Crimea. The world community would moan a bit and it would be over and done.

Didn’t happen that way. It didn’t follow the narrative he’d been fed.

Now he’s got himself in too deep and it’s become an existential crisis for both himself and Russia. He doesn’t dare lose.

So what happens from here?

  1. The West wade in with more and more support – missiles, planes, tanks, drones. China and Iran supply Russia with more of the same. Things turn even more ugly. We have a long drawn-out conflict where nobody gets the upper hand.
  2. The West supply arms but China doesn’t. Russia is beaten. Putin is assassinated and who knows who will take over? A worse warmonger or someone who wants raprochement?
  3. It escalates into a nuclear conflict when Putin thinks he is losing.
  4. The West starts falling apart and Ukrauine is abandoned. Russia wins and takes over.
  5. Putin is assassinated and Russia pulls out. A new age is born.
  6. The aliens land and put a stop to it all.
  7. The Isle of Wight or Gibraltar see an opportunity, declare war on Russia, invade, win and take over. Peace is restored and the Russian people are liberated to enjoy new prosperity.
  8. The Chinese peace deal works and the UN restore peace.

It’s a bit up in the air isn’t it?


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