Growth and More


Growth! Growth! Growth!

The mantra from behind.

Growth! Growth! Growth!

Raising profits from the blind.

More!  More!  More!  More!

We’re exhorted to consume.

More!  More!  More!  More!

Planting seeds for all our doom.

Forest and chimp pay the price.

Elephant and tiger pick up the tab.

Climate and weather change in a trice.

Generations down the line suffer the stab!

Growth and more

Both have a cost.

Those who rake it in

Are not the ones who lost.

Opher 16.6.2018

We are madly careering ahead putting short-term profit in front of long-term loss. Relentlessly growing in numbers. Relentlessly chopping down forests. Relentlessly killing off wildlife. Relentlessly polluting. Relentlessly destroying the very ecosystem on which we depend.

More and growth are the things that will kill us.

I for one do not wish to live in the sterile hell we are creating out of our greed and stupidity.

4 thoughts on “Growth and More

      1. What do we do about it? I don’t know. Ban advertising? Bring back rationing? Any attempt to restrict our consumption would be met with cries of totalitarianism etc. Unfortunately it seems that we are not prepared to recognize our culpability until we are directly affected by the results of this irresponsibility.

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