If Only……….

With Brexit proving an absolute disaster for the country, most people, apart from the die-hard Brexiteers, waking up to the fact that it is not going to get any better, we’ve shot ourselves in the head, a plot to try to rectify some of the damage doesn’t sound too bad an idea.

Who knows, we might get back to where we should have been following such a close vote – leaving the EU but staying in the Single Market and Customs Union – the sort of Soft Brexit that the majority in the country were in favour of!

What we ended up with was the poorly negotiated Tory Hard Brexit with all its red tape, trade restrictions and massive damage to our GDP.

That stupid lying Oven-Ready Brexit negotiated by Johnson and the ERG loonies, with all their promises and lies, has completely Broken Britain. All to get Johnson into PM and make him millions!!

Let’s hope that Sunak does do something sensible and take us tack into the single market!! I doubt it! The public would be happy and benefit greatly but the loony rabid self-serving xenophobes in the ERG still hold sway!!

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