The Journey Pt. 24 – So Long Ceylon – Sri Lanka it’s been good to know you – Photos

Fabulous place!!

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The Journey

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Sri Lanka – Ceylon, The pearl of the orient, the teardrop of India – probably a teardrop of joy as it was such a friendly exciting place.

We had quite a day – tearing round the streets in Tuk Tuks, interacting with elephants, king cobras, monkeys, weird ducks, pythons and egrets, visiting mosques, temples and shrines, lakes, palaces, parks and McDonalds, walking miles and being lurched around at great speed in a local bus.

We ate curry in a small café and drank glass after glass of coke, cream soda and iced chocolate shakes to combat the dehydration from the humid heat.

The bus ride on the local bus was an experience. You jumped on as it was moving and hung on for grim death as it hurtled through the streets wrenching you from side to side. Fortunately we were packed in so tight…

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