Poetry – Speed Kills – a poem about priorities.

Opher's World

Poetry – Speed Kills – a poem about priorities.

Speed Kills


We are an incredibly violent species. The number of ways we have devised to harness explosive force, gravity and friction to impact on flesh in unpleasant ways is truly amazing.

We are devious and imaginative.

Some are faster than sound. You could not hear them coming, let alone react. You might just glimpse a flash.

Some are slow enough to contemplate as they tumble towards you.

Most you do not even know were on their way.

The deadliest of all is microscopic.

The day will come when we are breathe the latest mutant, sneeze and have time to contemplate our future as a layer in the rocks.

Wouldn’t it be better if we put all that ingenuity into solving problems instead of expending it as fear and hatred?

For all our cruise missiles, H-Bombs and bullets, there is not a…

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