A Sea of Chaos

A Sea of Chaos

Life is a series of coincidences

                On a sea of chaos;

A game of chance

                Of win or loss.

We have but an instant

                In infinity.

An illusion of forever

                On an endless sea.

We know it’s not true,

                That it will soon end,

So put our faith in gods

                On which we can pretend.

The young cannot imagine

                That they’ll ever die.

They’d rather believe in heaven

                Up in the sky.

We fail to come to terms with death,

                So, we invent forever.

Skirting round the truth

                All so very clever.

Opher – 2.10.2022

I don’t like to think what I would do with forever. Filling this short life with hope and meaningful existence is bad enough. What you’d begin to feel like after the first billion years or so doesn’t bear thinking about.

I bet all the Muslims would start getting bored with their twenty-five virgins and I bet all the Christians would get fed up singing exaltations.

After I’d spent a million years writing, a million years painting, a million reading – with fabulous food, drink, music and sex on tap – I expect to be seeking out some heroin and a million years of oblivion.

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