How the Sci-fi novel ‘The Pornography Wars’ came about.

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How the Sci-fi novel ‘The Pornography Wars’ cameabout.

OpherThe Pornography WarsMay 9, 2021

How the novel ‘The Pornography Wars’ came about.

A novel involves bringing together a number of ideas. Usually one idea starts the ball rolling. That then provokes a series of other ideas and presents challenges with all manner of problems that require solving.

Here’s a little taste of how this developed:

  1. I had the idea of writing a novel where the whole of human history was a film set run by aliens for their own entertainment.
  2. I decided it would not be a film but a rather tacky soap opera.
  3. I then decided that it had to be a pornographic soap opera. I liked the idea of human history being nothing more than a sleazy porno soap for aliens.
  4. I had to create my aliens. They had to be designed to be far more efficient…

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