Bob Geldof at the Great British Folk Festival

Bob Geldof – The Boomtown Rats

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I can’t say I was looking forward to this with great enthusiasm. When I saw Bob Geldof was appearing at the Folk Festival I imagined him with an acoustic guitar. It wasn’t greatly appealing. How wrong I was. This was Bob with a band. They were about as far from Folk as you could get.

That Band rocked as good as any Boomtown Rats could have done (They had a rat or two!).

Bob was right on form starting with a rant and diatribe about Folkies and heading off with an expletive laden set with goes at the Daily Mail and diatribes about the media. There were poignant bits about Africa and the needs and personal bits. The music was hot punk and rocking and the crowd were delirious. He stormed through the last two numbers – Rat Trap and I Don’t Like Mondays and was forced to come back…

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