Everything You Think

Everything You Think

Everything you think you knew

                Was fed to you

By us.

We control your every thought

                All the things you bought

From us.

We tell you what to believe

                Which lies to conceive

About us.

Every single thing you do

                Is what we told you to

No fuss.

The very life you live

                The gifts you give

From us.

We tell you how to vote

                Who to promote

It’s us.

You no longer can tell the truth

                All the proof

Comes from us.

Opher 3.9.2022

He who controls the news controls the minds.

He who owns the media can make the truth whatever he wants it to be.

He who writes the news makes the news.

Say it often enough and it’s true.

Spin it 180 degrees. Lies become truth.

It is the populist story of Bois Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Jaire Bolsonaro. They repeat what they think you want to hear. They control the message. They make lies true. They know you have short memories.

So he got all the big calls right. He got Brexit done. He got us through Covid. He was responsible for vaccination.

It’s all utter bollocks.

He forced through an extreme damaging Brexit in order to gain power. His short premiership will cost the country hundreds of billions.

He made mistake after mistake during covid costing thousands of lives.

The drug companies produced vaccines for profit and the NHS (which he had brought to its knees) administered it.

In this age of lies, spin and propaganda everything you think is being planted in your head by them.

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