Roy Harper at the Royal Festival Hall – Oke flew in all the way from Tokyo to be there!

A great gig

Opher's World

There were a group of VIPs who were privileged enough to attend the sound check and have a private interview with Roy. One of them flew all the way from Japan just for the concert. I think he told me his name was Oke but I apologise if I misremember. I promised him I’d put my photos up on the web for him.

I saw him after the show and asked him if he thought it was worth it and he told me that it had been superb!!

So if it’s worth flying in from Japan it is certainly worth buying up those last few tickets in Edinburgh!

Here’s a few photos for the VIP guys and lady!


Roy holding court.


Looking at the cover for the new vinyl Lifemask release.  p1130686

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