Roy Harper at the Royal Festival Hall – A few Photos – Diary of a Legend – behind the scenes.

Those were the days my friend.

Opher's World

I was very privileged to spend the afternoon with Roy and Tracy before the gig. Roy was brilliant – giving me unlimited access to backstage, the dressing room, VIP interviews and sound check.

I took a ton of photos and will put them up on here so you can get a flavour of the day. It was a great pleasure to see a living legend in action.


Roy and Tracy arriving in reception



Darren Crisp (Tour Manager) and Bill Shanley arriving


Up in the artists room – where all the musical greats have been


The walls were adorned with album covers of recording made at the RFH – Chris Barber, Pete Seeger and Humphrey Littleton.


This is where the musicians hang out with snacks and drinks. A place to relax before the show. I didn’t see much relaxing. It was all go. Stress levels were high, much was going on, there…

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