Savages From The Dark Ages – The Stabbing of Salman Rushdie

Savages From The Dark Ages

Savages from the Dark Ages

                In the guise of religious fanatics.

Want to put us all in straitjackets

                Using obscene tactics.

Stabbing, shooting and torturing

                Anyone whose does not believe.

Brainwashed religious morons

                Offering no-one a reprieve.

Conditioned from birth

                To believe in an intolerant tale.

As if killing for a fictitious god

                Would save them from fictious hell.

Beliefs from the dawn of time

                Persist to this day

As babies are abused –

                Imprinted with the same old cliché.

Brought up on texts

                From Ignorant times

They go out primed

                To commit horrendous crimes.

We’ll fight for free speech

                And the right to offend.

Blind belief is an obscenity,

                An imprisoning dead end.

Fanatical religion has its place –

                In the dustbin of time.

We’ve come far too far

                To believe in this nursery rhyme.

They’ve tried to kill Rushdie

                And silence intelligent debate.

Religion is about power

                Imposed from the caliphate.

Blasphemy is a right

                And certainly not an offence.

Criticising an evil is prime!

                So let the battles commence!

Rights and freedoms

                Are the result of much blood and courage!

No brainwashed savages

                Will succeed in creating prisons for our age!

A person is free to believe

                Whatever they please.

But imposing it on others

                Is nothing short of a disease.

I have the right to disagree;

                To say your god’s a lie.

If that should offend you

Then it’s you who must ask why!

To kill someone for their beliefs

                Is simply obscene –

Based on a religious text

                Straight out of the Miocene.

So you can take your religion

                And stuff it somewhere other.

I’ll criticise what you believe

                As if I was your brother.

You can try to rule the world

And crush dissent with might.

But you will be defeated.

Killing is never right!

Opher 14.8.2022

I have watched the stabbing of Salman Rushdie with horror.

For me this is exactly what religion is about – fear, hate, division and death.

These religions are relics of tribal beliefs from the stone-age – steeped in misogyny, violence and draconian control.

A plague upon them all.

The whole bunch of Abrahamic faiths are based on the beliefs of a bunch of ignorant nomadic tribes from prehistoric times.

THIS IS THE 21st CENTURY!! Time to end superstition!

The sooner mankind grows out of these fairy-tales the better.

It should be illegal to indoctrinate children. It’s child abuse!

These brainwashed fanatics are a danger to us all. If they had their way we’d be living in a world of clones where free speech and creativity would be punishable.

Give me freedom!

Long live Salman Rushdie.

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