Adios – The Great Jeff Beck!! Miss you Mate!!

One of the great British Colossi of Rock Guitar! An innovator of supreme skill.

Jeff burst out of the 60s to radically change the sound of the electric guitar.

He was first in the R&B band called the Tridents. They used to play locally in my neck of the woods – Surrey – including the local Walton Palais and were making quite a name for themselves.

Jeff was headhunted by the Yardbirds to replace Eric Clapton who had gone off to join John Mayall. Immediately the Yardbirds were propelled into a more strident and original guitar sound.

For a wonderful brief period of time the Yardbirds the Yardbirds were fronted by a sublime dual guitar attack from Beck and Page that progressed into a heavy metal precursor of Led Zeppelin. Two of the best guitarists ever. This little cameo from the film Blowup shows how brilliant they were.

Jeff went on to form his own band – The Jeff Beck Group which featured Rod Stewart on vocals. I saw them a number of times. They could be very heavy!

This gave rise to the pop single Hi Ho Silver Lining which Jeff did not rate too highly. Beck’s Bolero shows off his guitar skills much better.

Then he went solo with album after album featuring that amazing guitar sound.
Can’t actually believe he’s gone. He looked so fit and healthy. Meningitis is a bastard! Robbed us of one of the greats.

Farewell Jeff Beck. You live on in your music and our memories!!

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