Blame the Unions! Hope that the public get into union bashing too!

We’ve got more of the invisible man technique.

In a country beset by strikes throughout the working spectrum the Tory way is to simply ignore it, shore up anti-union propaganda and try to turn the country against the strikers.

Instead of accepting that working people face a crisis and need help, they promise pie in the sky while still dishing out billions to their chums.

They need to get around the table, face the problem and find a solution. They need to give hard-working people a living wage.

Government is about choices. They have the money. They are choosing to put it elsewhere. The amount this government has squandered is scary. There’s always money for bankers, barons, peeresses and donors. There are tens of billions for Brexit, T&T, PPE (as long as it’s Tories).

There’s no cash for working people. Bring out your pots and pans. They make an empty noise.

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