Journey Pt. 4 – Oz – South West Rocks

The Journey


Journey 4 – South West Rocks.

Every journey begins with a soundtrack. The soundtrack to this one was laughter. Loading up the van with enough wine to sink a tank we headed off to South West Rocks. Taking turns to drive as we motored along past the parades of gum trees and arid bush, stopping in a little town with sidewalks and rails resembling some cowboy town to catch an Ozzy health meal of pie and ketchup – the ketchup being one of your five a day!


We arrived in the afternoon and stopped in South West Rocks for some provisions and directions. The rollers were tumbling in on a rocky bay with yellow sand beach. Butcher birds stalked us, a huge golden orb spider sat patiently in its web, an ibis strutted past, and down the road, near to where we were staying a mob of kangaroos were grazing, one with a large joey in her pouch staring at us suspiciously.

We walked up the hill overlooking the bay and watched the honey-eaters, butcher birds and kangaroos. The bay looked magnificent with its rocks and yellow sand.

That night we went out lamping, wading across the shallow water to find ghost crabs scurrying across the sand, then into the bush for swamp wallabys, bats in the trees, insects and spiders spinning their webs.

The next day was baking and we snorkelled in the estuary with the tropical fish, avoiding all sharks.

That evening the bay, though devoid of whales due to the season, provided the ideal sunset to sip wine by. Sitting around, chatting, laughing and playing guitar. Life doesn’t get much better.

The next day we decided a walk through the bush up the headland might be in order. Smothered in sunscreen with dampened hats and water bottles we headed off on the trail, up rocks and around outcrops, through scrub and wood. It was hotter, harder and longer than anticipated. What started as a two hour stroll developed into a five hour jaunt in which our water ran out. You can sure get through a lot in that heat. We survived and the views were spectacular. We then rewarded ourselves the most sumptuous meal I can ever remember – a large cool beer, frozen yoghourt and chunky chips with mayonnaise – heaven.

The area was wonderful, the rocky coastline amazing and the wildlife spectacular. Old fifties style diners, kookaburras splashing in the waterbath, lorikeets in the palm trees, incredible scenery, flocks of cattle egrets, swimming in the clear warm water, geckos and cicadas providing a background music, sunsets lighting up the bays, guitars strumming, films playing and friends to share it with.

South West Rocks rock.

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