Disgust doesn’t go far enough  

                When thinking about war.

The politicians

                Have never even seen a trench;

Never waded through the mud,

                Never know the score.

Disgust is not strong enough a word

                To describe the smashed bodies

                                The broken spirits

Put to the sword.

We need a new word

                To encapsulate

The full panoply of horror

                That comes with the destruction

                                Of tomorrow,

With its full stock

                Of psychopathic sorrow.

Disgust doesn’t come close.

Opher – 3.1.2023

Putin sits in his office shaking while his troops are being blown to pieces.

Troops whose paranoid terror is expressed in cruelty and callousness.

Fear and hate mixed with greed is a disgusting mix.

Torture chambers, rape rooms, propaganda and fake news, tyrannical oppression – the weapons of war.

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