Privatisation versus Nationalisation

Privatisation versus Nationalisation

Let me see now:

Privatisation – the industry is run for profit not the people. It’s about cutting corners to maximise profits. Huge profits are siphoned off into the pockets of rich investors. Water companies, energy companies, transport companies…. all exist to put money into rich people’s pockets.

Nationalisation – the industry exists to provide service for the people. The prices are set to cover costs. Any profits are used to improve the service or go into the state to reduce taxation.

Hmmmmm. Let me see. Do I want to profit the wealthy or do I want to help everybody? Do I want a good, cheap, effective service or an expensive, shoddy one?

Privatisation – why our seas and rivers are full of shit, our railways don’t work and our gas, electricity and petrol cost so much. A lot of Tory big boys are making millions.

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4 thoughts on “Privatisation versus Nationalisation

  1. Indeed, but even Blair talked about how privatising would help investment in improving services. What a farce with water treatment going to take until 2060 to restore our rivers to EU standards! Proper standards!

    1. Well Blair was really a watered-down Tory, wasn’t he? He idolised Thatcher and kept her policies going. That’s what led to the financial crash. Thatcher and Reagan set the basis for that one.
      Selling off all our assets has been a real disaster just about everywhere. Nothing works and we own next to nothing. It was all about short-term gain despite the long-term hit. That’s the way our politics works though. All short-termism and all-change when a new party gets in.
      I suppose that is one advantage of the Chinese one-party system. They can do long-term planning.

      1. Yes, they can and very narrow visions but we need more democratic accountability. And we need s better voting representation too. So many are so disillusioned as to not vote or bother about local issues and politics.

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