Poetry – I Am Me

Poetry – I Am Me

I Am Me

I am me.

There is nothing more

Or less.

I will confess.

I swear I am.

Yet I am

Not the same young me

I was.

Simply because

I change each day.

The molecules

That form my body

Do change

And rearrange.

They pass and go.

I am part

Of a cosmic flow

And ebb;

Universal web.

That passes through.

I borrow

And pass on to you

My breath

Up to my death

And then beyond.

Who is me?

This electricity

That sparks

To light the dark

Within my mind?

I am me!

Opher 16.7.2015

I Am Me

The cells in your body are replaced every three months (apart from those in the brain) – some faster than others.

Every three months we have a new body.

With every breath, we breathe out zillions of the atoms that made up our body. We take in zillions of replacements.

All our atoms are merely passing through.

Within our bodies are atoms that once resided in every human being who ever lived – Jesus, Hitler, Mao, Mohamed, Pol Pot and Leonardo Da Vinci. I have the full set.

We own nothing. Even after we die our atoms come and go freely. Our body is an open country without borders.

As we age our body changes. There is little similarity between the toddler and the old-age pensioner. It is not the same body.

Yet it is essentially the same me, the personality, the aspirations, mannerisms and dreams. I am recognisable.

Somewhere in the DNA spirals, the neuron firing and the chemistry within is locked the mystery of me.

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