Today’s Music to keep me IiIIInnNnSSssAAAaNNnnEe – Leon Rosselson – Palaces of Gold

Leon is a brilliant songwriter. He wrote this back in 1968 following the Aberfan disaster. His contention was that no Tory Minister would send their kid to a rundown school next to a slagheap.

This is why I would abolish Private health and education.

The public school system breeds arrogant Tories and superior aristocrats. They receive a top-class education with all the benefits of privilege. It gives them more than a headstart.

The private healthcare system provides brilliant service, at a high cost, for all those who can afford it.

The wealthy, which includes the Tories, have no need for state health or education. The state sector is for the plebs. They see the public sector as parasites who live off the work of others. They only value profit. Hence, whenever they get in power they cut cut cut. The result is an impoverished health and education system.

Until such time as we abolish the toffs’ school and health systems we will not have properly funded state education or a functioning NHS.

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