Well, it’s been a particularly gloomy year. A litany of nastiness with incompetent government, lying Prime Ministers, Wars in Ukraine, death of the Queen, a fleeting utterly useless Prime Minister, Russian connections, Putin threatening nuclear annihilation, Cash for questions, cash for Tory donors, wallpapergate, VIP lane criminal multimillion handouts for Tory donors and chums, Iran, Xi and Modi siding with Putin, Ukraine systematically flattened, war crimes and torture, oil prices through the roof, energy prices sky high, food prices zooming, inflation rampant, cost of living crisis, massive Tory corruption and sleaze, sex scandals, financial scandals, PPE scandals, Partygate, unbridled arrogance and greed and twelve years of Tory cuts, austerity and mismanagement culminating in poverty, food banks, rough sleeping and death by a thousand strikes.

Hope is on the horizon!!

Oust the dreadful nasty Tories.

Bring in Starmer and Labour.

Defeat Putin.

Free Ukraine.

Bring down the price of energy, petrol and food.

Control inflation.

A Fair Day’s Pay for a Fair Day’s Work. End the strikes.

Protect the NHS.

Properly fund education.

Lock up the criminal profiteers.

There’s HOPE!!

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