Poetry – A Quantum Poem

A Quantum Poem

This poem exists in two places at once

                And also does not exist at all.

                                It has no substance.

It changes its meaning

                As you read it

                                But has no meaning at all.

It is the building block

                For every poem

                                That has ever been written.

It is not a poem.

Then it is.

This poem has no rhyme or meter

                To look for one would defeat you.

It has no structure or form

                It is a wonder it was born.

The rules it follows are oblique

                Yet perfectly clear.

It uses words in lines

                To make its meaning queer.

No two people could read it the same

                That is the nature

                                Of this

                                                Universal game.

For this is a quantum poem.

                You cannot pin it down.

                                Every time you understand

                                                It changes.

Opher – 23.12.2019

It is not possible for my mind to marry the astounding reality of quantum physics with the physical world we live in.

Our world has substance. It has laws. It is rational.

The quantum world seems to exist on a different level. It does not work on Newtonian physics. It is weird.

The more we find out the more peculiar everything gets.

How can photons behave differently when watched? How can electrons be in two places at once and then disappear? How can subatomic particles arrive before they have left?

Some use this as an excuse, a spiritual answer. It reinforces their idea of god.

I choose to say it reinforces my sense of wonder and delight at nature.

There are no certainties or answers – just wider ignorance.

We should just appreciate the moments we are adrift within it – whatever this universe really is.

This is a quantum poem. It changes.

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