Boris Johnson £1,000,000 Nurses £0 – A Fair Wage for a Fair Day’s Work.

Boris Johnson, who is still being paid a whacking £84,000 as a sitting MP, not that he’s done much sitting. He’s buggered off, hasn’t he?

He took £18,604 severance pay for being kicked out as a greedy, lying, corrupt Prime Minister.

When he was Prime Minister on a huge £164,000 salary + free flat and perks he said he was struggling.

Try telling that to the nurses, teachers, binmen, posties, porters, deliverers and like (the key workers who got us through the pandemic – as opposed to the Tories profiteers – like peeress Mone). All the people who the Tories have deliberately cut the pay of. I bet every single one of them would find an income of £164,000 incomprehensible luxury.

Johnson considers it poverty.

We know what the nurses have to do to earn their £27,000. So what has Johnson been doing to justify his £84,000?? Fuck all!! He’s been gallivanting around having a protracted holiday and making deals to bring him in massive amounts of loot! (Like Cameron, Osborne and the other lying scum – remember ‘we’re all in this together’ Ho Ho)

So Johnson is now predicted to earn between £5,000,000 and £10,000,000 a year (and he’s still taking his £84,000 as an MP for doing bugger all).

He’s just earnt £1,000,000 from 4 speeches. Not bad for a few hours of work.

And the Tories dare to call the strikers greedy for wanting a fair wage for a fair day’s work!!

In this world of Tory inequality there are those who have and those who haven’t, those who deserve and those who don’t.

How many rough sleepers and food banks does a million quid pay for?

Will the greedy bastard donate a penny? Not a chance. He deserves it all!

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