The Jackboot or the Helping Hand?

It’s always the same with these Thatcherite Tories. They blame the unions and try to turn the people against the strikers. Breaking unions is what they do. Unions depress profits. We can’t be having that.

Instead of meeting with the unions, understanding the plight of the workers and looking for a solution, they simply say that there is no money, the country can’t afford it. Strikers are unpatriotic – the enemy of the people!

That’s bollocks!

The British people know that’s bollocks.

The money is there! It just depends on how you want to use it.

Is it better to give a free hand-out of £29 million to Peeress Mone? £60 million to her husband? £881 million to other Tory donors? Or £3000 to a nurse having to use food banks?

Tories take from the poor and give to the rich. That is their reason for being. It’s why the wealthy formed the party in the first place.

Without unions we’d be on a 60 hour six day week, subsistence wages, no holidays, no sickness benefits and no NHS!!

Every single worker’s right has had to be wrenched out of the hands of the wealthy Tories by solidarity and strikes. There has never ever ever been enough money. The country could never ever ever afford it. You wouldn’t believe we were the world’s 7th biggest economy would you?

The reasons for these current strikes are simply that the Tories have spent the last twelve years robbing the poor, cutting the public services to the bone while giving billions away to the wealthy. Now, with inflation and the cost of living crisis people cannot afford to live! They are not striking for fun. They are desperate!

Multi-millionaires like Sunak can’t understand that. They feel so superior they think that the plebs should be grateful and simply shut up, work themselves silly and die.

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