Journey – Pt. 8 – Oz and Cairns – the Great Barrier Reef – Photos.


Opher's World

Cairnsloomed and we awoke to a stormy day, humid with heavy clouds on the horizon. Second visits were often disappointing and the place had changed. Last time it had a frontiers feel. This time it felt more mainstream and touristy. We’d been to Green Island and loved it. This time I was prepared. I’d snorkelled in Pete’s pool and in the shallows at South West Rocks – I figured I was ready for the big time! We set off along the dock to check out the boats to get us to the outer reef, negotiated a fee and we struck out for the outer Barrier Reef to sashay with sharks, tickle turtles, fondle fish and carouse with coral!

For hours we bounced, rolled, whacked, rocked and belted our way out to the reef. The storm had upset the sea. Sick bags were provided but we did not succumb.  

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