How can I not feel the shame

                When I see what we have done –

Bigotry and injustice,

                Concentration camps,

                                Ku Klux Klan,

Secret police,

                Where cruelty is considered bliss?

How can I not feel the shame,

                Women forced to wear the hijab,

Children brainwashed,

                Black men shot for being black,

Animals ripped to pieces

                Protestors coshed?

How can I not feel the shame,

                Native American Indians,

Religious wars,

                Gay pride

                                And Peterloo?

Bear baiting,

                Dog fights,


Lying political propaganda,

                In a world run for the few?

Opher – 4.12.2022

Can you feel shame for a species? I don’t know. But I do.

I feel ashamed at our intolerance, our belligerence, our love of inflicting pain. I feel ashamed of our arrogance and bigotry. I feel ashamed at how violent and stupid we are.

Anyone who is different is persecuted. People are forced to conform. Religion is foisted on the innocent. Brainwashing is rampant.

It’s not about skin colour; we all do it. No race is immune.

There are flaws in our genes.

We love cruelty and pain and enjoy watching it, inflicting it and make an entertainment out of agony, fear and death.

In our tribal stupidity, our lust for power, our insatiable greed, we kill, maim and destroy.

We’re busy destroying our own future and creating misery.

No wonder I feel the shame.

I am human.

I really don’t want to be associated with my species.

We’re far too stupid and cruel.

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