Allen Ginsberg Quotes – The person who woke me back up to poetry!

A howl of rage!

Opher's World

When I first read those opening lines of Howl I realised that poetry was alive again and it spoke to me. Howl opened the door. All my terrible education had done was to reduce it to misery. This was vital, alive and wonderful. What with Bob Dylan, Jack Kerouac and, a little later, Roy Harper, I suddenly had a new vision, new language and a new perspective on life, society and the maniacs who are running our lives. Poetry was a window into my own head.


I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.
I did too. I saw some of my friends seeking, crawling and strung out. I was looking for something to believe in, to search for and to have more meaning than the greedy, violent society we were ruled by. I wanted a life with wisdom, fun, craziness, purpose and harmony…

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