Nick Harper at The Wrecking Ball Hull Saturday 26th of November! Be there or become a quadrilateral!

Tonight!!! The Genius of Harper lights up HULL!!!

Opher's World

Wrecking Ball Store-Wrecking Ball Store


Nick Harper at Wrecking Ball Arts Centre

About The Event

15 WhitefriargateHull,HU1 2ERUnited Kingdom

November 26, 2022

7:30 pm – 7:30 pm

2022 sees Nick Harper jettison his normally aspirated time machine which clocks in at just 60 minutes per hour, for a model that can appear anywhere at any time in the many portals of Harperspace.

In a new, uniquely styled, acoustically driven album (title to be announced, Nick explores the past, present and future in his own singular way. The new project follows up recent successful sojourns back in time to explore swinging 60s London (58 Fordwych Rd); 19th century Fantasy literature meets 1980s West Country romance (Phantastes) and an epic poem lost in time (A Wiltshire Tale).

Will this be the one album to unite them all? Only time will tell…

‘Harper has so much musicianship in him it just leaks out all over the…

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