When The Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go Out

When the lights go out

                The show’s over;

A brief yet vivid


No amount of faith

                Will alter the fact

That we’re never, ever

                Coming back.

Once is all there is.

                Nothing more,

                                Nothing less.

All we can do

                Is to

                                Give it our best.

Opher – 25.6.2022

How much better life is when you are not living in fear or hope of the next life. Each moment is precious.

You only get opportunities once.

Suck it in. Lap it up.

We live in the midst of wonder.

This invention of an afterlife was deployed to exploit soldiers. It was instilled to remove the fear of death so that they would be fearless on the battlefield.

This invention of heaven and hell was a control mechanism. Nothing more.

Live for today.

This moment is all we have.

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