The Voyage Part 5 – Hitting Brazil – Recife and Olinda

The magnificent adventure.

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The Voyage Part 5 – Hitting Brazil – Recife and Olinda

P1020025After four magic days trundling through the doldrums we were getting close to Brazil. I was expecting lots more wild-life but nothing much was showing up. The result of centuries of plundering of wild-life by our sailors. They took the females, young and eggs as if they were endless.

I fear the end is in sight. Our numbers will kill off the remainder.

Our first port of call was Recife. I was looking forward to Brazil’s Samba and vitality. I wanted to see the result of Pedro Alvez Cabral’s discovery. He’d claimed it for Portugal. It had been part of the slave trade. With Indian and freed African slave blood mixed with European stock there was a rich hybrid vigour to provide that energy.

I didn’t have to wait long. We were welcomed off the ship by a band knocking…

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