Poetry – Dear Mr Bolsonaro

Goodbye you assassin!!

Opher's World

Dear Mr Bolsonaro

Dear Mr Bolsonaro, please take a minute

In between chopping down trees

And bringing all those with contrary views

To their knees

To listen to the birds, the animals

And the pleas;

The people who care about nature

And the purity of the breeze

Who feel the need for oxygen

And life within our seas.

Please Mr Bolsonaro, please.

Opher 8.1.2019

Trump Mark 2 – the scourge of the Amazon. Another black and white populist who wants to rule with the gun, cares not a jot for the environment or sensibilities and is only concerned with himself, getting elected and the fanatical support of his base.

He talks of clearing rainforest, putting a motorway through the wilderness, opening up logging and mining. It’s only ever about money.

Mr Bolsonaro – there’s more to life than money!

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