Broken Britain – Preface

Broken Britain


Opher Goodwin


In 2022 we are living in the debris of a broken nation.

The place is being run for the benefit of the top 1% at the expense of the rest of us. The politicians are self-serving puppets for a cabal of billionaires. The media is a propaganda machine whose job it is to control and pacify.

The Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Sun, Daily Telegraph and Times pour out their daily dose of venom, lies and vitriol to poison the minds of the gullible. Even the BBC is stained.

The media  is controlled by billionaires who use it to promote their own self-interest – at our expense.

Back in time, when the protests forced their hand, they gave the vote to the people. At the time they thought it would mean the end of their games, but they learnt how to handle democracy. With the use of spin, lies and propaganda, backed up by force, they successfully controlled how the majority voted.

There were barely sufficient compromises made to keep the masses working and prevent civil unrest – barely and no more.

If ever the establishment was threatened they turned the full might of the propaganda machine against the threat. The money markets were deployed. The wealthy withdrew their cash. The brainwashing ensured that the threat did not materialise. The system prevailed.

‘Vote for anti-establishment parties and the economy would crash’. The people believed it!

The left-wing, and it’s striving for fairness and justice, was demonised. They were painted extreme and insane. The status quo was maintained. The country was run for the rich, by the rich. The politicians were bribed, threatened and seduced. Money talks.

All that matters is cash and power.

The system runs on slogans, promises and lies. Meanwhile the wealthy prosper and the rest suffer austerity.

Over these last twelve years of Tory rule the public services have been gutted, the needy thrown to the wolves, the politicians have passed through the revolving door to perpetual wealth and the rest of us pick up the bill.

Everything is politics.

The media is dumbed down to keep us quiet. A population obsessed with Strictly and Love Island is not going to educate themselves about politics.

Power and greed rule and faceless billionaires pull the strings, guiding us to Armageddon through lobbying, bribes and threats.

The politicians are in their pockets.

They’ve robbed so much, created such poverty, reduced workers’ rights to such an extent, that people are desperately trying to hold down three jobs just to keep their heads above water.

Every catastrophe, from Brexit to Covid to Putin, is exploited in order to put more money in the vaults of the wealthy. For them tax is optional and the loopholes are never closed.

The Cayman Islands are sinking under the weight of gold.

Democracy depends on unbiased information.

There is no unbiased information.

There is no scrutiny, no accountability and no justice.

Britain is utterly broken!

They contrived to put a buffoon – a lying, idle clown – in charge. The media made us love him. They portrayed the self-serving, over-privileged chancer as a loveable rogue. He was always a cynical, calculating conman out to feather his nest.

They contrived to put an arrogant moron in charge. She promised them a fortune in order to get elected.

They put us through a catastrophic Brexit which has not only wrecked our world standing but ruined our economy.

They mismanaged Covid so that billions was put into the pockets of wealthy profiteers.

Everything is run for this elite group.

Everything is run for profit.

The future is of no concern.

Twelve years of Tory greed has produced this. Twelve years of Tory power has put fatter multimillion-pound bonuses in the pockets of bankers while kids starve and freeze and our cities are controlled by drug gangs.


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