The Amazon Trip – Parintins – Photos

An amazing trip

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Day 18 – 27th Jan

I was out of bed at 6.30 to the wonderful trill of the alarm. On with T-shirt, shorts and sandals – I was off to see if the sunrise was spectacular and check out the decks for wondrous insects.

Well the sunrise was spoilt by cloud on the horizon. The decks were wet from rain and it was quite blowy so the insects were fewer. I still found a number of big beautiful moths and some grasshoppers though.

Then it was time for tea. Having a cup of tea on the deserted rear deck is a delight. Everyone else is still in bed or inside. Outside it is warm with a great breeze. You can sit and watch the river bank slide by with its lush tropical rainforest and wonder about all the exotic creatures who, unseen, are watching us chug past. Very pleasant…

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9 thoughts on “The Amazon Trip – Parintins – Photos

      1. It was fabulous to go into the heart of the Amazon, Asitha. As a biologist I am in love with nature. The Amazon is the motherlode for creatures. In order to protect our greatest treasures – life on this planet – we have to understand and appreciate the wondrous spectrum of life that enhances and sustains us all. That’s what it meant to me.

      2. I dread to think! Bolsonaro, like all these populist monsters, puts profit before people and the planet. Such short-term thinking. Thank heavens he is gone!

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